I have taught elementary school for 17 years.  I hold a BA in Child Study, an MA in Education, and holds an additional 90 graduate credits in the areas of math, literacy, and social studies.


I began my teaching career at the age of 22 in New York at a high-performing public school on Long Island. Six years ago, I relocated to California to consult and teach at a startup charter school. Currently, I teach fifth grade and am the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at an Independent School in Los Angeles.


My instruction focuses on creating authentic learning experiences while engaging my students in active learning.  In addition to teaching, I enjoy collaborating with educators, speaking at educational conferences and presenting my Creating the Experience workshop.  I also blog and host a podcast titled Lights, Cameras, TEACH.

"But the stars had aligned. I jumped. As my principal had explained to me before, I had my success. It was time to venture into the world and try something new."

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