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Lights, Cameras, TEACH!
Hands on Workshop!

Lights, Cameras, Teach -engagement, culture, and relationships; plays off Kevin's experiences working in Hollywood by comparing the similarities between movie directors and classroom teachers. The main ingredients in creating a blockbuster classroom are the relationships teachers form with their students and the experiences they make for them.  Throughout this workshop session, Kevin will share ideas on building classroom culture by engaging students in active learning.  Attendees will participate in playing academic games that teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms. Kevin will also share stories from his twenty years as a classroom teacher.

The workshop will be tailored to your school's needs and can be presented as a 60, 90, or 120 minute session and includes hands on materials.  Copies of Lights, Cameras, Teach, a screenplay for engagement, culture, and relationships are available at a discounted rate.

Sample 90-minute Presentation Itinerary

Introduction: How I got here.

Expectations & Goals

Room Simulations:

Why and How

Content Driven

Tips for Success

Try It Activity (materials provided)



Free and easy technology used for engagement.

Try it tech lesson (laptop, iPad, or smartphone needed).



Fun (and simple) ways to review ANY content.

Try it game(s) (materials provided)


Projects: Easy hands-on activities and projects


Favorite Resources

Reflect/My Why

Educator Presenter  Teach Your Heart Out  Teacher
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