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Lights, Cameras, TEACH!
Hands on Workshop!

Lights, Cameras, TEACH - engagement, culture, and relationships! (75 - 90 minutes AND includes hands on materials)

*can be a 50 minute Keynote without the hands on piece


And...Action! While teachers don't train to be entertainers, teachers must capture students' attention! This session focuses on why engaging students in active learning is critical to teaching in the 21st century. Participants will get ideas on transforming their lessons to create authentic learning experiences for their students and quick activities to get them up and moving in the classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to not just learn about engagement activities but will get to play along too! Kevin will also discuss the importance of building classroom culture and strategies to make students feel safe, included, and heard. Kevin shares some of his favorite resources that can be used with any grade level/subject. Kevin’s session ends by reminding us to take time to reflect. Kevin shares his WHY and why; remembering our why is vital to our profession.

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Other Workshops

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Morning Meetings and Classroom Culture


Start your school day off strong! In this session, Kevin shares ways to engage students in interactive morning meetings Kevin will give a run-down of his "Morning Co-host Show" filled with ideas to grow classroom culture, all which can be implemented immediately with little or no prep. Throughout this session, tips and resources for SEL will also be shared.



Engagement and Academic Games


While teachers don’t' train to be entertainers, teachers must capture students attention. While this doesn’t mean every lesson must be action packed, it does require educators to be intentional when engaging student in active learning. Kevin will take attendees through several of his favorite engagement activities and academic games that can be used with any grade-level or content area. Kevin shares his ideas for making learning an experience that students will remember. Not only will Kevin explain each activity step-by-step, but participants will get to play along too. This session is a workshop and attendees will leave with hands on manipulatives and samples. Please bring a device that connects to the internet.



Building School Relationships


Relationships matter. In this session, Kevin will share ideas and strategies for making connections with colleagues, parents, and school staff. Similar to directors of blockbuster movies, blockbuster educators do their best when they build relationships, and when students, parents colleagues, administrators, and school staff work together toward a common goal. This session focuses on creating a vision for school-wide collaboration.

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Creating a Blockbuster Classroom

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