Creating the Experience

Lesson Simulations
  • Grammarcraft

  • Rodeo Roundup

  • Indiana Jones, The Lost City

  • Genre World Series

  • Under The Sea

  • Back to the Future

  • March Madness

  • The Reading King

  • Cruise Around the World

  • Resources & Materials

  • 5 Teaching Non-negotiables

  • Free Technology

  • Must Reads

  • Write it as a License Plate

  • T-Shirt Book Report

  • Gumball  Dollar Project

  • The Million Dollar Project

  • Don’t POP It

  • Tennis Ball Challenge

  • Classmate Search

  • Puzzlemania

  • 5 in a Row • Bam!

Workshop: Creating the Experience - Engaging Students in Active Learning

Time: 90 Minutes

Workshop Description:

Student engagement can look differently from classroom to classroom. In this workshop, teachers will explore ways to turn their academic content into learning experiences. Participants will get ideas on how to transform their lessons and create authentic learning experiences for their students.


Strategies will include:

- How to begin

- Tips on buying, reusing, sharing, and storing materials

- Hitting the content standards

- Ways to incorporate (free) technology

- Classroom games (for any grade and subject)

- Project ideas/Literature Circles

- Resources


Teachers will get sample materials, handouts, participate in hands-on activities, and view various photos and video clips. Additionally, ways to develop classroom relationships by incorporating games and projects into the curriculum, a behind the scenes look at my lessons, and tales from my seventeen years in the elementary classroom will also be shared.


Are you looking for some ideas to ENGAGE your students and BUILD classroom culture for the new school year?  If so, then Lights, Cameras, TEACH LIVE is for you. 
For the FIRST TIME EVER, I am presenting my Lights, Cameras, TEACH workshop LIVE as a stand alone event on Thursday, July 29 at 7pm EST. 

Like the directors of blockbuster films, teachers are the creative leads in their classrooms. They hold the creative vision throughout the whole process, from the first day of school through the last day. While teachers are employed by the school (who is ultimately in charge of the curriculum) teachers direct the execution of the curriculum by visualizing the content while guiding the students and parents to capture the tone of the year. Teachers control the class’s academic and social-emotional well-being and are in charge of the outcome of their students.

During this one hour LIVE presentation, I will be sharing some of my lessons and activities to engage students in active learning and ideas to build classroom culture.  The presentation will also include my 5 favorite classroom games, websites, and resources.  

This LIVE presentation is for ALL educators and will include a time to ask questions.  Participants will receive digital copies of several of the activities shared throughout the presentation.

The agenda includes...

1)  How I got here
2)  A behind the scenes look at my own classroom
3)  Activities to help build classroom culture
4)  Lesson ideas that build student engagement
5)  My 5 favorite classroom games
6)  Tech resources
7)  Q & A

This session will also be recorded and available for 15 days after the LIVE event!  Registration also includes a PDF of some of the materials that will be shared throughout the workshop.

Sample 90-minute Presentation Itinerary

Introduction: How I got here.

Team Building: Ice-breaker activity

Room Simulations:

Why and How

Content Driven

Tips for Success

Try It Activity (materials provided)



Free and easy technology used for engagement.

Try it tech lesson (laptop, iPad, or smartphone needed).



Fun ways to review content.

Try it game (materials provided)


Projects: Easy hands-on activities. Literature Circles.


Other Resources: Sharing of resources and books. Giveaways.