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Lights, Cameras, TEACH!

a screenplay for engagement, culture, and relationships


Lights, Cameras, Teach - a screenplay for engagement, culture, and relationships plays off Kevin's experiences teaching in Hollywood by comparing the similarities between movie directors and classroom teachers. Just like directors of blockbuster movies engage, communicate, and collaborate with the actors, writers, set designers, stagehands, and producers, classroom teachers must do the same with their students, parents, colleagues, and administrators. The main ingredients in creating a blockbuster classroom are the relationships teachers form with their students and the experiences they make for them. Throughout the book, Kevin shares a how-to playbook on his favorite lesson ideas, academic games, and resources, including dips for differentiation and ELL support.  Kevin also includes anecdotes from his two decades as an educator. The book includes the voices of Kevin's former students as well as the perspectives and insights from educators from around the United States. Kevin also addresses the need for educational reform in the United States and lessons learned from teaching during a global pandemic and hopes his words help reignite the passion(s) of educators. Available NOW on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Target.

Recent Interviews & Workshops

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Teach Better 22

October 14 & 15,  2022

Learn new and innovative teaching strategies, cutting-edge and research-based techniques, and ways to reignite your passion for teaching... Teach Better 22 is almost here!

The Kelly Carkson Show Kevin Butler

The Kelly Clarkson Show

May, 2020

Los Angeles teacher Kevin Butler hasn’t let quarantine in Los Angeles stop him from going above and beyond for his students! Kevin personally delivered care packages, complete with vegetable and flower seeds and more, to all 24 of his fifth-grade students after their school was closed.

Teach Better Webinar Kevin Butler

Distance Learning Webinar

May, 2020

Ending the year strong during remote learning.

Teach Better Guest Blogger


April, 2020

5 non-negotiables of a teacher. The value in building memories and bonds with your students. Specific examples of ways to encourage learning and build relationships. 

Kids Under Construction Kevin Butler

Kids Under Construction Pocast

March, 2020

Kevin offers tangible information and resources for parents to become effective and creative teachers to their kids. How long should kids be learning every day? What about socializing and playtime? How much tech is too much?

Teach Me, Teacher Kevin Butler

Teach Me Teacher Podcast

February, 2020

If you believe teaching is boring or feel like you are being limited by “the system,” then this episode is for you!

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Aspire Educational Kevin Butler

Aspire Education Podcast

February, 2020

How do we get our students to be actively engaged and teach in a way that inspires both children and adults? Kevin Butler shares the secret on how to balance between being a teacher and an instructional leader.

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Teachers Deserve It

Releasing Summer, 2020

Read about Kevin's purpose for teaching in Adam Welcome's and Rae Hughart's new book Teachers Deserve It, What You Deserve, Why You Don't Have It and How You Can Go Get It!

Creating a Blockbuster Classroom


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